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The 7th issue of Shaanxi Heavy information in 2023

The 7th issue of Shaanxi Heavy information in 2023


The 7th issue of Shaanxi Heavy information in 2023








Committee of China Shaanxi Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD    2023年第(7)期


To learn to cast soul, to learn to increase wisdom, to learn positive wind, to learn to promote dry

To carry out thematic education is a major task for Party building this year。党委及基层支部要坚决贯彻落实党中央的工作部署,教育引导党员、干部在To learn to cast soul, to learn to increase wisdom, to learn positive wind, to learn to promote dry上下功夫见实效。Learn to form the soul,就是要做好学习贯彻新时代中国特色社会主义思想的深化、内化、转化工作,从思想上正本清源、固本培元,牢筑信仰之基、补足精神之钙、把稳思想之舵。一是坚定理想信念,增强对党的价值追求和前进方向的高度政治认同,把好世界观、人生观、价值观这个Master switch。The second is to build loyalty to the Party,We will conscientiously uphold the overall leadership of the Party and firmly safeguard the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee,Constantly improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution,始终在政治立场、政治方向、政治原则、政治道路上同党中央保持高度一致,The loyalty to the Party is reflected in the practical actions of implementing the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee。三是站稳人民立场,强化宗旨意识,坚守初心使命,践行党的群众路线,把人民群众满意不满意作为评判主题教育成效的根本标准,确保企业稳定,促进企业发展。

(Chief Editor of this magazine)

  • preface

To learn to cast soul, to learn to increase wisdom, to learn positive wind, to learn to promote dry…..………………………Chief editor of this magazine

  • Company news

The Party committee of the company held a celebration of the founding of the party102Annual and Central Group intensive learning sessions …………Editor of this magazine

The Party committee of the company actively organizes Party discipline and Party regulation knowledge learning and testing activities………………………… 

West Industrial Investment Group领导Come to our company for investigation…………….………………….…Safety management department

  • Production and management dynamics

Focus on solid and detailed production workT5The project was successfully completed……………………………… 瑞林

The people create history, and labor creates the future……………………………………………  

Study and practice the Party Constitution……………………………………………………………Li Fuzhu

In order to realizeStrive for the "Chinese Dream"…………………………………………………  

Tell the truth, seek practical results, make practical moves, and seek practical results………………………………………  

Hard work is the cornerstone of dream realization……………………………………………………Gao Jingyu

  • Learning garden

Basic knowledge of the Party Constitution………………………………………………………This magazine edited and collated

The profound embodiment of "six must adhere to"……………………………………This magazine edited and collated


Editorial board of Shaanxi Heavy Information                              Office: Shaanxi Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

  Ren: Chen Hongmin                             Party and mass work Department

   Member: Gao Yonglin Party conscription 李军 田刚            Publication time2023720Day (Thursday)

  Editor: Hu Chongshi                                 36391230  36391308

  Section: Sun Na  Wang Chunmei                       Submission Email:175245556@qq.com


  •  Company news  


The Party committee of the company held a celebration of the founding of the party102Annual and Central Group intensive learning sessions


2023630On the morning of the same day, the Party Committee of the company held a celebration in the conference room on the second floor102周年纪念活动,由党委副书记Party conscription领誓,所有与会党员面向党旗,举起右拳庄严向党宣誓,重温了入党誓词,同时PG电子游戏转正及纳新党员面向党旗进行了宣誓。

Then, combined with the theme of education learning activities to focus on learning。All middle-level and above leading cadresAttended the study meetingThe meeting is held byHu Chongshi, vice chairman of the trade union and minister of the Party and Mass Work Department主持。

At the meeting, implementationThe "first issue" learning system,党委书记、董事长陈宏民带领学习了习近平原著《PG电子官方免费下载》第一卷上的重要内容;党委副书记、总经理高永林带领学习《PG电子游戏》中的重要内容;党委副书记、纪委书记Party conscription带领学习了202210Important content of the newly revised Constitution of the Communist Party of China。Through in-depth study, the majority of Party members and cadres have further enhanced the subject education“学思想、强党性、重实践、建新功”总要求的深刻理解,认识到持续开展主题教育的重要意义。

最后,Hu Chongshi, vice chairman of the trade union and minister of the Party and Mass Work Department向与会人员传达了参加West Industrial Investment Group主题教育推进会的情况及要求,并代表PG电子游戏党委对PG电子游戏各基层支部持续推进开展主题教育学习活动进行了安排部署,同时提出具体的要求。


(Editor of this magazine)


The Party committee of the company actively organizes Party discipline and Party regulation knowledge learning and testing activities


According to the Party committee of XIGong Investment GroupNotice of the sixth Discipline Education and Learning Promotion Month of the Industrial Investment GroupSpirit and requirements, the company's party committee attaches great importance to,安排部署开展纪律教育学习宣传月活动,积极组织党纪党规知识学习及线上测试活动。

PG电子游戏党委要求各基层支部认真组织所在支部的全体党员及中层以上干部按期参加党纪党规知识学习及线上测试活动。As a production enterprise,Most of the company's party members are front-line workers,基层支部党员、干部结合工作实际采取集中学习和自学等方式学习了习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想、党的二十大精神、习近平总书记重要论述、重要讲话重要指示批示及新修订的《PG电子游戏》等学习内容,And actively participated as required“陕西纪检监察”公众号上的“陕西省纪律教育学习宣传月党纪党规知识测试”答题活动截止629In total, all party members and cadres of the company79All participated in this activity and achieved excellent results, among which52People test scores in90Points above,21Person reaches80Points above, the party discipline and Party regulation knowledge learning and testing activities were successfully completed。


(孙 娜)

West Industrial Investment Group领导Come to our company for investigation


713日,西安工业投资集团党委副书记刘金平,集团相关部门负责人姜涛、谢维等一行8人,在PG电子游戏党委书记、董事长陈宏民,党委副书记Party conscription等主要领导干部的陪同下,对PG电子游戏的Production and management以及现场管理情况进行了考察、调研。


  PG电子游戏负责人陈宏民、Party conscription在陪同过程中向集团领导汇报了我PG电子游戏的Production and management状况、工艺技术措施以及面临的一些问题。集团刘书记仔细听取了我PG电子游戏领导的汇报,对PG电子游戏干部、职工近几年团结一致、艰苦奋斗所取得的成绩给予肯定,并现场为企业介绍业务,帮助企业开拓市场。


(Safety Production Department)


  • Production and management动态 


Focus on solid and detailed production work T5The project was successfully completed

20237Early this month, Xixian New District airport New CityT5The steel structure of the municipal infrastructure project of Zhanqian Business District was successfully completed in the factory。

此项目生产任务量大,质量要求高,In-house production历时一年,生产组织按计划有序推进。

Turn the calendar to20236In October, when the national safety production month, Xixian New District Airport New CityT5The Municipal Infrastructure Project Department of Zhanqian Business District requires that the production task of this project be completed as soon as possible剩余任务量大、工期特别紧,PG电子游戏领导、各车间、部室紧急磋商,生产组织方案、措施明确:抓实抓细各个生产环节,争分夺秒完成好此项任务。

进入20237At the beginning of the month, the summer heat, the production organization to the critical stage。The temperature stayed high,Shaanxi heavy people经历“烤”验,白天,紧张而繁忙;晚上,灯火通明,弧光四射,运输车辆穿梭。苦、累、Wait for the difficulty inNot even aware of the taskUshered in a production of good news。

Company contracted Xixian New District airport new cityT5Zhanqian Business District municipal infrastructure project Steel structure projectIn-house productionBasically completed, the current field installation production task is still tense and busy。

今年711As the saying goes: summer training“三伏”。各车间、部室、安装工地在做好防暑降温、Safe production工作的同时,抓实抓细当前各项生产工作,进一步助推企业Production and operation targets achieved


(Dang Ruilin) 


  • Experience in theme education


The people create history, and labor creates the future

The people create history, and labor creates the future。Labor is the fundamental force to promote the progress of human society。Happiness doesn't fall from the sky. Dreams don't come true。实现我们的奋斗目标,开创我们的美好未来,必须紧紧依靠人民,始终为了人民,必须依靠辛勤劳动、诚实劳动,创造性劳动。We say"Empty talk harms the country, and practical work revitalizes the state", practical work must first be down-to-earth work。

在迈向未来的征程上,我们必须充分发挥我国工人阶级的重要作用,焕发他们的历史主动精神,调动劳动和创造的积极性。  We must give full play to the role of the working class as the main force。First, we must firmly rely on the working class to develop socialism with Chinese characteristics。Second, we must uphold labor and bring benefits to workers。Third, we must vigorously promote the spirit of model workers and give full play to the spirit of model workers。

实现我们的发展目标,不仅要在物质上强大起来,而且要在精神上强大起来。The Party has high hopes for the trade unions, and the workers and workers have high expectations for the trade unions。The Times are developing, the cause is innovating, and the work of the trade union should also develop and innovate。

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step。我们国家的发展前景十分光明,但道路不可能一帆风顺,蓝图不可能一蹴而就,梦想不可能一夜成真。All things are hard in this world。The better the future, the more we need to work hard。

Real grasp to overcome difficulties, hard work to dream come true。We have to be big in the whole society

We will promote the good fashion of doing real work and working hard。



Study and practice the Party Constitution


第一,Study the Party Constitution in depth,牢记自己的第一身份是共产党员,全面理解党的纲领,牢记入党誓词,在思想上坚定信念,在行动上率先垂范,充分发挥党员干部先锋模范作用,加强党性锻炼,永葆共产党人的政治本色。

第二,Study the Party Constitution in depth,强化党员责任意识,在今后工作中以党的正确思想作为行动的指引,加强学习,提高工作能力,不断养成党员忠诚履责,尽心尽责勇于负责的坚强作风。

第三,Study the Party Constitution in depth,Strengthen the awareness of the Party Constitution and the Party's concept,Keep pace with The Times,Study the Party Constitution carefully,Internalize the Party Constitution in your heart,Externalize to the line,Do not forget your party membership at any time,With the responsibility of a party member in his heart,Be strict with yourself,Remember the aim of serving the people wholeheartedly,Fulfill the obligations of Party members unconditionally,Set an example and lead the way。

(Lee Fu-ju)

In order to realizeStrive for the "Chinese Dream"

2023July 1 is the Communist Party of China102birthday。19212023——见证了中华民族历史命运深刻改变的伟大转折,镌刻下党带领全国各族人民坚定迈向复兴的丰功伟绩。

伟大的中国共产党,从星火燎原到四海映红,从举步维艰到步履轻盈,从落后挨打到矗立于世界民族之林。党的发展轨迹,一点点被印刻成民族印迹、一点点被铸造成中华灵魂。在现代中国历史上谱写下永恒的悲怆与不朽的豪情!以星星之火燎原大地,将希望的种子撒向人间,从为人民服务到践行群众路线——It is the tenacious search process of our party。

历史选择了党的领导下的中国道路,道路关乎党的命脉,关乎国家的前途、民族的命运、人民的幸福;人民群众是历史的创造者,The realization of the "Chinese Dream" cannot be achieved without the hard work and dedication of the people这就决定了我们干事业,必须依靠人民群众,我们坚持群众路线,应当把人民群众的利益放在第一位,群众路线是我们党牢牢抓住并充分运用的重要法宝,也是我们党能够始终走在时代前列的重要秘诀,是我们Realize the Chinese DreamThe right choice。



Tell the truth, seek practical results, make practical moves, and seek practical results


习总书记指出,在迈向未来的征程上,必须充分发挥我国工人阶级的重要作用,焕发他们的历史主动精神,调动劳动和创造的积极性,我们必须增强狠抓落实本领,坚持Tell the truth, seek practical results, make practical moves, and seek practical results,把雷厉风行和久久为功有机结合起来,勇于攻坚克难,以钉钉子精神做实做细做好各项工作,Real grasp to overcome difficulties, hard work to dream come true。


"The world is governed by facts, but not by literature.。”这里所说的“实”,就是实干,即出实招、办实事、求实效;“文”就是虚矫,即搞形式主义,做表面文章,我们党向来崇尚实干,注重实效,反对空谈,力戒浮华。“不干,半点马克思主义都没有”,邓小平同志这句振聋发聩的话,是对采华名、兴伪事The warning and enlightenment of false achievements,“社会主义是干出来的”,习总书记这句言简意赅的话,是对我们披荆斩棘走过千山万水的总结与升华,也是对征途漫漫仍需跋山涉水的号令与鞭策。


Hard work is the cornerstone of dream realization


Hard work is the cornerstone of dream realization。在生活中,我们常常会遇到各种各样的挑战和困难,只有通过实际行动去解决问题,才能让自己的

Dream come true。

First of all, hard work is the key to success。Dreams are beautiful, but just dwelling on them doesn't make them come true。Only through practical actions can we gradually turn our dreams into reality。Whether it is starting a business or learning, it takes effort and sweat。Without practical efforts, dreams will only be a piece of empty talk and will never be realized。

Secondly, hard work fosters persistence and perseverance。梦想的路上充满了艰辛和挫折,只有坚持不懈地去实践,才能跨越困难,达到目标。毅力是成功的重要特质之一,只有在每一次实干中不断磨练自己的意志力,才能战胜困难,不被挫折击倒。Hard work has made me understand that only by sticking to it can we usher in the dawn of success。

Third, hard work is the propeller of dreams。Dreams need action to make them come true。通过实际行动,我们能够不断积累经验和知识,不断提升自己的能力,从而更好地迈向梦想的目标。Every action is a boost to our dreams and brings us closer to the edge of success。

Finally, hard work let me learn to cherish。In practice, I deeply realize the value of time and effort。Every hard work is to cherish the time, but also to affirm their own value。只有付出了努力,才能真正体会到成功的甜蜜,才能真正珍惜所取得的成果。

In a word, hard work makes dreams come true。只有通过实际行动,我们才能克服种种困难和挑战,跨越前进的障碍,将梦想变为现实。实干鼓舞着我们的斗志,培养着我们的毅力,推动着我们不断向前。只有坚持实干,我们才能看到成功的曙光,追逐着属于自己的梦想之光。

(Gao Jingyu)



  • Learning garden

Basic knowledge of the Party Constitution


党章是政党不可缺少的要素,党章对于一个政党的发展,对于政党的事业有极为重要的作用,是政党的立党之本,是政党内部关系及组织活动的基本规范,是党员的行动准则。The Party Constitution is the fundamental law of the Party and has the highest authority and the greatest binding force within the Party。党章是把握党的正确政治方向的根本准则,是坚持从严治党方针的根本依据,是党员加强党性修养的根本标准,是规范和制约全党行为的总章程,是我们立党、治党、管党的总章程。

The significance and function of the Party Constitution in the party life

党章是我们党的总章程,它凝结着党长期以来宝贵的经验和智慧,集中代表了全党的根本利益和意志,是规范党内政治生活,Readjust intra-party relations的基本准则。A correct and perfect Party Constitution will certainly play a positive role in the Party's life。There are four main aspects to this effect:

(1)Readjust intra-party relations

(2)Improve organization

(3)Consolidate organizational discipline

(4)To overcome the wavering and all kinds of harmful elements within the Party, there are laws to follow and act according to law。

The main contents of the Party Constitution

The content of the Party Constitution focuses on the following aspects:

()The nature and purpose of the Party;

()The Party's guiding ideology;

()The Party's ultimate goal and current tasks;

()The Party's policy towards the revolution and the building of a new society;

()The Party's leading position and leading principle;

()The party's organizational principles, organizational structure, division of responsibilities and powers;

()Party membership standards and rights and obligations of party members;

()Party discipline。

The formation and improvement of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China

The current Party Constitution was partially amended at the Second 10th National Congress of the Communist Party of China20221022diurnal。The new Party Constitution consists of two major parts, the general program and articles, and the articles are eleven chapters and fifty-five。


(Edited by this magazine)


The profound embodiment of "six must adhere to"


第一,必须坚持人民至上,深刻体现了马克思主义唯物史观和群众史观。马克思主义唯物史观是社会发展的一般规律的原理和人民群众的历史作用的原理的统一。这一历史观认为,社会存在决定社会意识,人民群众是创造世界历史的决定性力量。这就决定了马克思主义是人民的理论,是人民实现自身解放的思想体系,人民性是马克思主义的本质属性。The Communist Party of China is a Marxist political party,We will always stand firmly on the people's position, grasp their aspirations, respect their creativity, and pool their wisdom,In the process of revolution, construction and reform, we will continue to promote the modernization of Marxism in China,The formation of theoretical innovations that are loved and recognized by the people,Make it a powerful ideological weapon to guide the people to understand and transform the world。


第三,必须坚持守正创新,深刻体现了马克思主义的否定之否定规律。The negation of negation is one of the three laws of Marxist dialectics。这一规律揭示,任何事物的内部,都包含着肯定与否定两个方面,要深刻地认识事物,特别是把握它自己的运动,就必须揭示肯定和否定两个方面的对立和统一。习近平总书记指出:“我们从事的是前无古人的伟大事业,守正才能不迷失方向、不犯颠覆性错误,创新才能把握时代、引领时代。”这里的“守正”与“创新”,在一定意义上说,就是“肯定”与“否定”的关系。“守正”就是坚守马克思主义的精髓和实质,牢牢把握马克思主义一脉相承的“脉”,在此基础上扎根社会实践,立足当今时代,推进党的理论、实践和政策创新,推进马克思主义中国化时代化。

Fourth, we must adhere to the problem orientation, which deeply reflects the Marxist concept of contradiction。Marxist materialist dialectics tells us that the world is a collection of contradictions。Contradiction is divided into primary contradiction and secondary contradiction, main aspect and secondary aspect of contradiction。按照马克思主义矛盾观来观察和处理事物,最关键的是要找准主要矛盾和矛盾的主要方面。Questions are the voice of The Times, and answering and guiding them is our fundamental task。我们必须有强烈的问题意识,准确把握时代大势,站在社会发展前沿,把握主要矛盾和矛盾的主要方面,这样的理论创新才卓有成效,才能指导并推动实践。


第六,必须坚持胸怀天下,深刻体现了马克思主义的世界历史眼光。To really do“胸怀天下”,就要以马克思主义的世界历史眼光,站在人类解放和自由发展的立场上,用马克思主义的世界普遍联系的观点和方法,看待当今人类社会发展面临的一系列问题。为绝大多数人谋福利,让人民大众摆脱自然、历史和思维的种种桎梏,实现全人类的解放和每个人自由全面的发展,是马克思主义一以贯之的最高社会理想。The Communist Party of China is a Marxist political party,自然有着这种崇高的境界与理想,它反映了新时代中国共产党人的天下胸襟,而马克思主义唯物辩证法正是这种天下胸襟的世界观和方法论基础。

(Edited by this magazine)







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