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The 9th issue of Shaanxi Heavy information in 2023

The 9th issue of Shaanxi Heavy information in 2023


The 9th issue of Shaanxi Heavy information in 2023








Committee of China Shaanxi Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD    2023年第(9)期


Make full use of thematic education results Sprint toward your annual goals


为期四个多月的学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想Thematic educational activities在我PG电子游戏已告一段落,但学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想远远没有结束,必须长期坚持。通过此次Thematic educational activities,PG电子游戏的党员干部受到教育,践行习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想的愿望更加强烈,目的更加明确。Two-thirds of this year has passed, and the completion of the annual production and operation targets is not optimistic。At present, the site construction and workshop production of the steel structure bridge project of Dazhai West Road Municipal Engineering have been fully rolled out.Time is short and the task is heavy。PG电子游戏党委号召全体共产党员尤其是领导干部,要充分发挥带头示范作用,想在前面、干在前面、吃苦前面,再打硬仗,再打胜仗,把主题教育成果落实到具体工作中,向全年Production and management目标发起全面冲刺。

                               (Chief Editor of this magazine)


  • preface

Make full use of thematic education results Sprint toward your annual goals…..…..…………..……Chief editor of this magazine

  • Company news

Company party committee held8Month Central group intensive learning sessions………………. …….……Editor of this magazine

Xigong Investment Party committee came to my company to visit the Party committee theory center group to learn………….…..………Party and mass work Department

The Party committee of the company held a democratic life of theme education………….…………….…….Party and mass work Department

  • Production and management dynamics

Work hard to implement and ensure the progress of key projects…………………….….…Production planning department

  • Safety production column

Xi 'an Emergency Management Bureau about9月份

Notice on requirements for special investigation and rectification of major accident hidden dangers.....................Safety management department整理

  • Thematic educational activities

财务The party branch held a theme education organization life……………………………….财务Party branch

Rivet welding comprehensive party branch held the theme of education organization life……………………..Rivet welding comprehensive party branch

Technical quality Party branch held a theme education organization life……………………..Technical quality Party branch

Work style construction, implementation in action  ………………………………………………Zhang Haijuan

  • Theoretical learning

牢记Three mustsChase a glorious dream…………………………………………Editor of this magazine


Editorial board of Shaanxi Heavy Information                              Office: Shaanxi Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

  Ren: Chen Hongmin                             Party and mass work Department

   Member: Gao Yonglin Party conscription 李军 田刚            Publication time2023915Day (Friday)

  Editor: Hao Juanli                                 36391230  36391308

  Album: Wang Chunmei                             Submission Email:1026507783@qq.com


  •  Company news  


Company party committee held8Month Central group intensive learning sessions

2023831The Party committee of the company was held in the conference room on the second floor8Month Central group intensive learning sessions。全体中层以上领导干部参加了会议,会议由党委副书记、纪委书记Party conscription主持。

The first item of the meeting, implementation“第一议题”学习制度,由PG电子游戏党委副书记、纪委书记Party conscription带领大家学习了习近平总书记在听取新疆维吾尔自治区党委和政府、新疆建设兵团工作汇报时的重要讲话。

会议第二项,由党委副书记、总经理高永林带领学习了习近平总书记关于Safe production工作的重要论述。

会议Item 3,由由PG电子游戏党委副书记、纪委书记Party conscription带领学习了《PG电子官方免费下载》中“违反公务用车管理规定行为”,提醒广大党员干部要时刻自省自律,不断增强落实中央八项规定精神的自觉性、坚定性。

会议第四项,由党委书记、董事长陈宏民宣讲以《PG电子游戏》为主题的党课,提出我们要坚持理论实际、密切联系群众、Criticism and ego批评以及艰苦奋斗、求真务实等优良作风,发扬PG电子官方免费下载精神,全力以赴完成全年目标。

(Editor of this magazine)

Xigong Investment Party committee came to my company to visit the Party committee theory center group to learn

824日下午,西安工业投资集团党委副书记常以卓和人力资源总监、组织人事部部长文亚男、党群宣传部部长金敏华来我PG电子游戏巡听旁听党委理论中心组Twenty spiritual studies。The meeting was presided over by Chen Hongmin, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the company, and all members of the Party committee participated in the learning meeting。

    会议首先由党委书记陈宏民,党委副书记、总经理高永林,党委副书记、纪委书记Party conscription分别领学《PG电子官方免费下载》中的3article。Next Chen Hongmin, Gao Yonglin, Party enlistment, Li Jun, Tian Gang5名党委委员先后发言,结合企业实际和自身工作谈了学习二十大精神的Experience and experience。

After listening to the speeches of the Party committee members, Deputy Secretary Chang Yizhuo made comments。她对PG电子官方免费下载PG电子游戏在泾河产业园艰苦创业近十年,特别是在经济下行的环境下继续努力奋斗给予肯定,对PG电子官方免费下载PG电子游戏的党员干部和职工表示感谢!她表示集团PG电子游戏将一如既往对PG电子官方免费下载PG电子游戏给予支持。她认为各位党委委员的发言结合实际,对二十大精神理解深刻,特别是陈宏民书记的发言对企业问题找得准、谈得透,有方法、有措施,是一个高质量的学习会。Combined with this meeting,She talked about several thoughts and shared with everyone: First, continue to strengthen the theoretical armed,Strengthen political study;Second, to accurately grasp the positioning,Play a central group learning demonstration role,Enhance theoretical literacy and party spirit,We will give full play to the role of the backbone of Party organizations,Continuously strengthen the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise;Third, we need to improve the effectiveness of learning,Build confidence through theoretical learning,Unite cadres and workers,Overcome difficulties,Seize the market opportunity,We will increase the economic performance of enterprises,Raise employee's income。

陈宏民书记最后做了总结发言,他对常以卓副书记等领导莅临会议指导和工投集团长期以来对我PG电子游戏的支持表示感谢。会议后党委将对常副书记的意见认真落实,通过抓Theoretical learning,带领全体职工迎难而上,奋力做好今年后几个月的工作,努力完成全年目标任务。


       (Party and Mass Work Department)


The Party committee of the company held a democratic life of theme education

根据西安工业投资集团党委主题教育领导小组下发的《西安工业投资集团PG电子游戏党委关于召开学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育专题民主生活会A notice of》的精神和要求,Our company party committee attaches great importance to,及时制订了《PG电子官方免费下载》,并于831A special democratic life meeting was held on the following day。会议由党委书记陈宏民主持,党委委员高永林、Party conscription、李军、田刚参加了会议,副总经理高旭安列席会议。

首先会前围绕五个方面重点内容进行了集中学习、研讨,为民主生活会的召开奠定了基础。同时Before the meeting, the team members carried out in-depth heart-to-heart talk, exchange of ideas and exchange of views,做到了主要负责同志与班子成员谈、班子成员相互谈、班子成员与分管部门主要同志谈、班子成员与本人所在支部党员谈,Listen fully to the views and suggestions of the grassroots,Prepare for a good democratic life。

接着班子成员在前期学习和谈心谈话的基础上,亲自撰写个人发言材料,并经党委主要负责人进行了认真审阅并提出了修改意见further完善。The speech materials of each member of the team are changed several times, and they are constantly improved。

最后在专题民主生活会上,班子成员严格按照PG电子游戏党委提出的要求和《PG电子官方免费下载》中明确的六个重点方面认真进行了对照检查,对自己进行了解剖检视,找出了存在的问题和不足,制定了整改措施和努力方向。同时,班子The members were open and honest with each otherCriticism and egoCriticize, put forward opinions and suggestions, truly achieve unity批评--The purpose of solidarity。

会后PG电子游戏党委将对会上提出的问题、意见、建议归纳梳理,制定整改方案,细化整改措施,明确整改时效和责任,统筹落实整改。Team members will also refine personal rectification measures and seriously implement rectification。The company will establish and improve the relevant regulations, consolidate and adhere to the implementation of the rectification。


(Party and Mass Work Department)

  • Production and management动态 



Work hard to implement and ensure the progress of key projects


20239Xi 'an Dazhai Road west section (Ring highway-富源四路)市政工程业主方、项目主要负责人一行来PG电子游戏考察,与我PG电子游戏经营、采购、生产主要领导进行了交流沟通。

此项目是西安市重点工程配套项目,我PG电子游戏承担的钢箱梁加工、安装任务,时间紧、任务重。In order to ensure the completion of the project on schedule, the company set up a special leading group for the Dazhai Road steel box girder project。


In order to ensure that the first steel box girder is suspended2023920日架设安装,顶推部分钢箱梁按时进入安装现场,PG电子游戏领导亲自部署,积极落实材料到位情况及安装现场准备工作。

各部室、车间按照各自承担任务,奋力拼搏,把每个环节、每个节点都落实到位,在Safe production前提下,确保The project is progressing as planned                             

    Production planning department

  • Safety production column

Xi 'an Emergency Management Bureau关于9月份

Carry out special investigation and rectification work requirements for major accident hidden dangersA notice of

() Attach great importance to。各区县、西咸新区、开发区应急管理局要Attach great importance to精准执法工作,全面摸清辖区内精准执法对象底数,制定切实可行方案,抽调精干力量,按照执法内容全面开展精准执法,确保执法收到实实在在的效果。

()Strictly enforce the law。各级执法人员要严格依据Safe production有关法律法规和标准规定,从严、从细、从实查处企业违法违规行为,坚决杜绝执法"Wide, loose, soft" problem。充分发挥专家的专业优势,突出重大事故隐患精准排查,对违法违规行为屡罚不改、屡禁不止及重大生产安全事故隐患未按期整改到位的企业,从严从快从重顶格处罚。On the issue of deliberately lowering the penalty standard and replacing punishment with rectification,We will find one report and expose one。

()Normative law enforcement。各级执法人员要认真执行行政执法公示全过程记录、重大执法决定法制审核三项制度,并逐条对照《陕西省全面推行The "Three systems" work indicator system evaluation table was earnestly implemented。执法过程要认真执行“执法告知、现场检查、交流反馈”“企业主要负责人、安全管理人员、岗位操作员工全过程在场”“执法人员+专家The "Trinity" law enforcement model, the full application of the "Internet.+执法The system carried out accurate law enforcement to further improve the efficiency of law enforcement and the level of information technology in production safety。

4. Clean law enforcement。各级执法人员要认真执行中央八项规定自觉遵守廉政承诺,执法过程坚决杜绝"Eat, take, card, want" and other acts to ensure that the law enforcement is clean and honest。

                                Safety Management Department整理

  • Thematic educational activities

财务The party branch held a theme education organization life

2023822Sunday morning10:00财务The branch holds an organizational meeting with the participation of all party members。Comrade Li Jun, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the company, was invited to participate as a contact point leader。The meeting was presided over by Comrade Zhang Haijuan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Finance。


Zhang Haijuan branch secretary conveyed7月份中心组学习会议内容,并根据会议精神对财务部提出具体工作要求,做好企业的财务工作。

其次支部党员相互交流,开展Criticism and ego批评,并表示要以身作则,加强政治和业务学习,以便不断提升自己,进一步做好本职工作,为企业更好服务。


                            财务Party branch

Rivet welding comprehensive party branch held the theme of education organization life

根据PG电子游戏党委《PG电子官方免费下载》安排要求,Rivet welding comprehensive party branch于2023829sundownT5The office of the project department of the terminal construction site held a thematic education organization meeting。

The meeting was presided over by Shi Yi, secretary of the branch。首先由支部党员刘宇带领大家学习《PG电子官方免费下载》的相关内容。  


会议Item 3,参会每名党员结合自身实际情况,谈了自身存在的不足及今后改进措施。The branch secretary made comments on each party member, and there was criticism and self-criticism among party members。


  生产安全支部党员崔西军因在工地无法参加其所在支部会议,列席参加了Rivet welding comprehensive party branch会议。 


(Rivet Welding Comprehensive Party Branch)


Technical quality Party branch held a theme education organization life

Technical quality Party branch in831下午2:30在技术质量中心会议室召开了学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育专题组织生活会。

The meeting was presided over by the branch secretary of the Party recruitment。Number of people expected to attend the meeting12People, real11One person asked for leave due to illness。会议第一议题,由宣传委员郝娟丽带领学习《PG电子官方免费下载》中的文章——"Ideological construction is the foundation of the Party", the second Congress speech, carrying out criticism and self-criticism。The party members of the branch should combine their own study, work and life reality, check and compare the deficienciesTheoretical study, political quality, ability, responsibility, work style, integrity and self-discipline6Made speeches on prominent issues in various aspects, and commented on each other, and carried out criticism and self-criticism。Item 3,Branch secretary Party recruitment made a concluding speech,He affirmed that the members of the branch had played an exemplary leading role in their respective jobs,At the same time, there are also problems such as not studying political theory deeply, not studying business carefully, and not communicating with front-line workers enough,After the meeting, we are required to conscientiously rectify according to the rectification measures,To be full of enthusiasm and positive attitude into the new work,以实际行动践行习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想。

 (Technical Quality Party Branch)

  • Experience and experience 

Work style construction, implementation in action


The Communist Party of China has always attached great importance to the improvement of work style。In the long-term practice of leading China's revolution, construction and reform,我们党形成并坚持发扬了理论联系实际、密切联系群众、批评和自我批评等一整套优良传统和作风,Set up the glorious image of the communists,Win the hearts and minds,Gather strength,It has ensured that the cause of the Party has won one victory after another。特别是在革命战争年代的艰苦岁月里,党的作风建设标准很高、措施很严、考验也很实,井冈山精神、长征精神、延安精神、西柏坡精神等伟大革命精神,都是由一个个看得见、摸得着、感受得到的光荣传统和优良作风构成的。我们党之所以能够取得新民主主义革命的胜利,带领人民建立新中国,原因有很多,其中重要一条是始终保持同人民群众的血肉联系,最终Defeat Xi 'an style with Yan 'an style。党的十八大以来,以习近平同志为核心的党中央,从关系党和国家生死存亡的高度,胸怀强烈的历史责任感、深沉的使命忧患感,以作风建设开局起步,制定并严格落实八项规定,深入开展党的群众路线教育实践活动、The three stricts and the three honestsThematic education,Two learn, one do学习教育,中央政治局模范带头、以上率下,各级主要领导亲自抓、做表率,一级抓一级、层层抓落实,推动四风得到有效整治,党风政风为之一新,党心民心空前凝聚,为推进党和国家事业提供了强大保障。

作风建设永远在路上,要求我们必须从实际出发,推动作风建设形成长效机制。Persist in carrying out style education, and always tighten the string of style construction。要深入开展马克思主义群众观点特别是习近平总书记有关重要论述的学习教育,开展党章学习和理想信念、党性党风党纪、道德品行教育,开展社会主义核心价值观教育。Then we must combine the actual situation of the enterprise and their own positions, and implement it into the daily work。要严格要求自己,不断加强作风建设,提高工作效率,提高自身素质,做到干一行就要爱一行,精一行就要专一行。As a financial officer, 要运用专业知识解决企业的Production and management中遇到问题,要站在企业的角度考虑问题,为企业创造更大的经济效益,尤其是在企业的困难时期,作为共产党员,一定要以实际行动体现高效的工作,以优良的工作作风展现表率作用。Specific implementation in the following aspects:

1Strengthen theoretical study and improve ideological and theoretical cultivation

I will always adhere to the study of theory and the party's various principles and policies, and constantly improve theoretical accomplishment。在平常的Theoretical learning过程中,我始终牢记学习是我的天职,只有不断学习才能不断提高综合能力、包括自身素养、思想素质和工作能力,才能更好的为企业服务。通过认真学习,我认识到,在今后的工作中,我必须努力做到勤于学习、善于学习,不断提高理论修养和思想理论水平,提高自己的工作能力。

2Be strict with oneself and consciously strengthen the construction of style

Style construction is always on the road, has always been the focus of my work。我始终自觉加强作风建设,提高自身素质,做到干一行,爱一行,勤一行,精一行,努力作好本职工作。始终坚持以高度的责任感和强烈的事业心、责任感,认真履行自己的职责,在工作中不怕苦、不怕累、勤勤恳恳、求真务实、严谨细致、不折不扣地完成工作任务。I will continue to“实实在在做人、勤勤恳恳干事”的工作作风,创造性地做好各项工作,努力提高工作水平。

3Be strict with oneself and strictly abide by work discipline

我将在工作中不断加强个人修养,要始终保持一种平和的心态对待每一项工作。I will insist that I do not“事小而不为,不以事杂而乱为,不以事急而盲为,不以事难而怕为”,按照PG电子游戏的规章制度做好各项工作,发挥岗位职责,发挥部门职责, Innovative working methods。

Zhang Haijuan

  • Theoretical place

牢记Three musts Chase a glorious dream

19493月,全国革命胜利前夕,针对党内可能出现的骄傲自满、不求进步、贪图享乐等情绪,毛泽东同志提出务必使同志们继续地保持谦虚、谨慎、不骄、不躁的作风,务必使同志们继续地保持艰苦奋斗的作风,以这Two musts来告诫全党同志不能被胜利冲昏头脑,使党在夺取全国政权后经受住执政的考验。在党的二十大上,面对新时代新征程我们党的使命任务,习近平总书记发出了Three musts的号召,就是要求全党牢记中国共产党是什么、要干什么这个根本问题,奋力走好新的赶考之路。

Two mustsThree musts70多年过去了,时代在变、形势在变、任务在变,但不变的是中国共产党对国家、民族和人民的高度责任,是强烈的担当精神和深沉的忧患意识,并时时警醒自己、激励自己,始终保持昂扬的斗志和蓬勃的朝气。The new era, the new journey, has bright prospects and heavy responsibilities, which we must always bear in mindThree musts,始终保持那么一股子劲、一股子气,坚定不移把强国建设、民族复兴推向新的历史阶段。

Do not forget the original intention, remember the mission。Do not forget the original heart, always get;Remember the mission, can reach far。初心和使命,深刻揭示了一个政党安身立命之本和兴旺发达之要,是立党兴党强党取之不竭的力量源泉。100多年来,我们党始终把为人民谋幸福放在心中、把为民族谋复兴扛在肩上,无论面临多大挑战和压力,无论付出多大牺牲和代价,都坚定不移、毫不动摇。遍观世界,没有哪个政党像我们党这样,为了人民和民族的利益,付出如此巨大的牺牲,作出如此卓绝的努力,无愧为中国人民的主心骨、中华民族的顶梁柱。On the new journey, our party should lead14亿多中国人民在中华大地上书写现代化的宏伟篇章,必须靠初心激发力量、靠使命鼓舞斗志,引领和感召全体人民不断朝着共同的目标迈进。

Be modest and prudent and work hard。Modesty is one of the most valued and cherished virtues of the Chinese people, which has been left as early as in the Book of ShangOne loses by pride and gains by modest./Conceit leads to losses while modesty brings benefits.The ancient motto of。可见,谦虚谨慎是一个人修身立德的基本准则,也是一个政党治国理政的长久之道。Only by being modest and prudent can we guard against arrogance and impetuosity and maintain the fine style of hard work and struggle。今天,Our Party has led the people in making world-renowned achievements in development,In the light of all kinds of auras,Surrounded by so many accolades,We should keep a clear and calm head,Always modest and cautious,Always struggle hard,With never slack mental state and indomitable struggle attitude,Constantly push our modernization cause to a new realm。

Must dare to fight and be good at fighting。斗争是矛盾原理的具体运用,矛盾是普遍存在的,所以斗争也无处不在、无时不有。我们讲的斗争,既包括重大的战役战斗,也包括日常的生产生活,既有生与死、血与火的革命锻造,更多的则是平凡岗位上的实践创造。Although this is a time of peace and the development of our country is the best period in history, howeverAfter development, there are no fewer problems than when it is not developed,并且问题的严峻性、复杂性、系统性更加凸显,解决起来更加考验我们的勇气和智慧。这就需要我们保持斗争的锐气,练就斗争的本领,依靠顽强斗争打开事业发展新天地。

The new journey is a journey full of glory and dreams。Face the future,We firmly believe,在以习近平同志为核心的党中央坚强领导下,在习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想和党的二十大精神科学指引下,The whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in China 踔厉 work hard and forge ahead bravely,Must create a new and greater miracle,Surely the spectrum can write a more brilliant chapter of Chinese modernization。



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